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Unravelling Your Authentic Self

​Create an axis

"I've attended many workshop but I still don't know what I really want to do! " This program is created from your inner voice.

We will facilitate to create your axis in you in 7 weeks.

​Schedule & Participation Fee

・Day1 10/18 15:00-16:30JST

・Day2:10/25 15:00-16:30JST

​・Body1: 10/25 16:30〜JST

・Day3 :11/1 15:00-16:30JST

・Day4:11/9 15:00-16:30JST

・Body 2: 11/9 16:30〜


・Day6 & Body 3:

11/25 14:30-17:00JST

・Day7: 11/30 15:00-16:30JST

​*Find your local Time Here.

*Please note that the schedule may change according to the progress of the program.

・Taste the Day1: 90 euros

・Experience All: 790 euros

Click here for application and payment.

​Experienced Facilitators

Two experienced facilitators will guide you. Emma Mimasuya, who is a life producer and professional coach, has transformed the lives of so many people. Annette Stricker lives in New Zealand and has been active as a body whisperer (a professional who listens to the voice of bodies and does energy work) for many years.

​What do you get?

Clarification of purpose of life

Discovering your inner resource

Intimate relationship with your body

Open the Pandora's box inside of you

Eliminate separation between you and your authentic self

Actualization of the world you desire to create

​Increasing Your Awareness 

This is the first holistic and very transformative program that will be offered in the world. The program consists of 7 workshops and 3 bodyworks to expand your awareness and transformation.

​Space in Between

This class is presented by Emma and Annette, who co-facilitate the Space in Between (SiB) community.  It aims to create more space and consciousness in your world. If you like to  participate in various events and workshops provided by SiB you can participate for free from the following.

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