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What is the CQ Basic Advisor (CQBA) qualification training course? 

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To be able to use "CQ individuality analysis" (abbreviation of individuality analysis "Analysis of Communication Structure") to know each other's "communication structure" and "difference in individuality" and to identify potential and human relationships. This is a training course. From a psychological point of view, you will be able to approach the person's "deep psychology" and objectively analyze the level of individual communication skills and the overall personality and tendency. This is a course certified by the CQ Association.


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  For those who work as coaches or counselors, I want to improve my skills in order to achieve results quickly.
  Companies / personnel in charge of management / personnel who want to make personnel effective ●  Those who want to add high-impact products and are looking for effective tools that are different from others ●  I want a concrete solution for internal relationships ●  I want to give clear advice that parents and children can accept at the cram school.  I want to find a concrete solution to troubles in human relationships in my daily life

Obtained qualifications and used in advisor consulting

  For counseling ・Understand "words that should not be said" in advance ・ Make people think that they understand their feelings well

  For consulting and coaching ・What kind of words do you use to work?
Since you can understand what kind of action is easy to take, you can make a perfect proposal to the other party.

  For personnel personnel ・Can assign “bad” staff well ・ Understand the types required for the workplace and how to utilize them ・ Understand how to handle work that is unique and effective ・ Team Understand how to combine formations and seats

  New graduates ・ Mid-career recruitment ・ In-house personnel organization ・Sales can be selected for sales, sales can be selected for sales, and clerical staff can be selected for clerical work.

  In daily life ・ It becomes easier to understand the “feelings” and “behaviors” of the other person ・ You can see how to cover each other's personality ・ It becomes easier to know your true personality ・ How is it actually seen by others?・ You can see yourself objectively ・ You can see an unexpected personality
You can think about the mechanism by knowing the true personality of the surroundings.


How to become a CQ Basic Advisor / Counselor?

CQBA (CQ Basic Advisor)

7hr x 1 day Certificate of completion 60,000 yen (excluding tax)
Individuality theory beginners ...
What is individuality? ・ Learn the basic decipherment of scales and how to explain graphs.

* Coaches will be issued a CQ certified premium coach qualification certificate.




Class schedule(Request is being held)

5 minutes walk from JR Shinanomachi station, 10 minutes walk from Metro Aoyama 1-chome station

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For applications and inquiries, please visit this page.

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