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Access Bars Session

Stress release method to eliminate anxiety and stress

It is a simple and very dynamic treatment that gently touches the 32 points on the head with your fingertips.

It has helped many people around the world to make changes in every aspect of their lives and bodies (sleep, weight, money, relationships, romance, stress, etc.)


Do you have any of these?

  • Migraine

  • Suffering from stress

  • Anxiety about the future

  • Can't stop thinking

  • Don't know how to relax

  • Lack of sleep

  • Trauma and drama

  • People issues

  • Money problems

Experience a sense of peace like never before.

What if you could get rid of the thoughts and feelings that limit you?
Have you ever felt truly relaxed, loving, and protected?

Do you know what it's like to acknowledge yourself without judging?

Judging yourself is the meanest thing you can do to yourself.
However, it can't be stopped easily on your own.


What is Access Bars?
It is a therapy technique that releases unnecessary beliefs, beliefs, and emotions, and is used in more than 170 countries around the world.

"At least, deep relaxation like when you got a massage,
At best, it will change your life. "



About the points on the head

The points on the head are called bars. It's like a band of energy.
It is said that each place contains its own specific thoughts and beliefs.

  • Money

  • Control

  • Communication

  • Time and Space

  • Creativity

  • Sexuality and Body

  • Others


How do you receive it?

You will be lying on a massage table. (Or you can sit in a chair.)
The facilitator gently touches the head. In the meantime, you can talk or sleep.

Just relax.



🍀Voices 🍀

"I couldn't sleep without sleeping pills and I always woke up in the middle of the night.   After I had my  Bars run for the first time, I was very sleepy, and when I got home, I fell asleep without taking any medicine, and when I woke up, it was morning!  Since then, I have been able to sleep really well for 6-7 hours without waking up in the middle of the night. I used to feel sleepy during the day, but I no longer have that.  Two weeks later I tried again. This time I felt very refreshed after I had my bars run. Not only did I cook for the first time in months after I got home, but I was so energetic that I even baked a cake! When I had my bars run for the third time, I had been suffering from harassment from my colleague.  However, when I went to the company the day after the treatment, I was surprised that I was not bothered by her attitude anymore. Until then, I didn't want to go to the office and even considered quitting my job ... When I had my bars run for the fourth time,  I showed up with my corset because I had a recurring hernia.  It was very painful to walk, but I wanted to have my bars run.  What do you think happened after the session? The pain was gone, and instead of wearing a corset, I jumped and even went shopping! When I went to the hospital the next day and had my X-ray, the hernia was gone! It's a miracle!

Since I was a kid, my parents scorned me saying, "You're ugly! I wish you were never born!" My self-esteem had been very low, I had two failed marriages. I fell in love with men who had no future and were mean to me. I'm very grateful that Emma's private coaching & bars sessions changed my life! I have been told that if I get my bars run more than 10 times, I will change, and it is so true!  Before Emma's sessions, I was instructed to go to see a psychiatrist due to severe mental depression. My life has changed completely and now I love giving Access Bars to my friends! The other day, I participated in a one-day Access Bars Class.  It was super fun!  Emma is very easygoing and fun. Also, I think she has the ability to gather people who have good vibes.  I'm so grateful that I started to live a life I have never imagined possible. Thank you sooo much!"

Chizuru Sugimoto (Office Worker)


"I'm very busy so I often stay up all night for my work when I'm busy.  For me, coaching & bars sessions with Emma is a time when I can reset myself.  I had been taking her sessions for two years before she mentioned a stress release method called "Access Bars." To be honest, I had doubts, but Emma suggested as she always does with her grace "Why don't you try it? At least you feel relaxed like you received a massage.  Who knows?  It might change your life."  Oh, my god!  It is your loss if you have never done this! My personal experience was as though the capacity of my brain has increased!  After the session, I could feel that my concentration has improved dramatically.  If you do a lot of brain-intensive work such as corporate planning, your brain is exhausted. Running bars releases brain fatigue and it seems like it creates more space in my brain. Even though she was just touching my head, I felt as if she was holding my brain gently and it felt sooo relaxing! I'm now taking Emma's coaching and bars sessions to improve work efficiency and it's working really well!"

Takeshi Kayama (Consultant)


"About the second time since I received my brain cleaning, I found myself changing. Intuition is especially sensitive and you can predict before something happens. At first, I was a little scared. Now that I'm used to it, I realize that it's very convenient. Originally, I think that other people also have this kind of intuition and precognition ability. Unfortunatelly, they are clouded by various things and that ability is not being demonstrated. I have only received it about 5 times, but I would like to continue to take it so that I can demonstrate my abilities even more. And now I'm also interested in Energetic Facelift! Thank you always so much!"

Noriko Eda (female coach in her 30s)


"Since I started to receive bars sessions, I have become very gentle and kind. Until then, I was often annoyed by the people around me and couldn't resist my anger... but now I no longer "feel "that.  I'm surprised by my changes. After taking Emma's one-day bars class, I can even run my own bars!  After Bars Class, I took Emma's personal facelift session and  Energetic Face Lift Class. Although I thought that I wouldn't change anymore, I changed again! Sooo much fun! I used to be a temporary worker, but now I started my own business and gained confidence in myself. This is what it means to enjoy life! I'm enjoying my life as if I were reborn! Thank you very much, Emma!"

Yuko Nonaka (female entrepreneur in her 40s)

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