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[Online] Points of You® Academy Program 《L1. Hello Points Workshop》


[Hello Points Workshop] is an exciting workshop for 2-3 days. ◎ Learn how to use the Points of You® methods and tools to gain new skills. ◎ You can experience unique communication and dialogue called Points of You® Magic. ◎ After completing the course, you will be certified as an international qualification, Points of You® Explorer.


[Sunday] Requests will be held after June. Please use the inquiry form to contact us with some of your desired dates.

[Place] Zoom (PC or tablet, camera, microphone required)

◎ Use the online conference system Zoom. Check the stable network connection environment such as microphone and camera.

[Minimum number of participants] 4 people

[Tuition fee] 66,000 yen (bank transfer) / 69,000 yen (card payment via Paypal)      

* Re-learners: 11,000 yen (bank transfer) / 12,100 yen (card payment via Paypal)      

◉ [Reservation] Once the participation schedule has been decided, please fill in the application form and certification agreement form from the button above. 

"Online" for the venue of the application form, "Masahide Mimasutani" for the facilitator name, and the facilitator's email address

Please enter "".

◉ Bank transfer: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kojimachi Branch 09328049 Office Mimasuya Masahide Mitsuya

   Card payment: Click here

​What can i learn?

Points of You ® concept
The world of points of you and how it works

Points of You® card
Learn how to gain new perspectives using your own unique photo observation techniques.

Zooming In with a coaching game
Experience speedy encounters with thought and insight.
Experience a fun, easy-going, and amazingly deep process.

My Story with Punk Tam
With the brilliance of punk tom, refram a powerful life story.

Layout chart
Map your thoughts and feelings with a 1on1 layout chart for self-inquiry.


What is included in the Level 1 program

Online workshop
Hello Points 6 hours

L.1 Concept Pack
Workshop text / notebook / coaching game / punk tom / L.1 limited card set / goody bag / canvas bag * Coaching game / punk tom is not included for those who retake the course.
* The secretariat will mail it to your home.

Points of You® Explorer (6 CCEUs from ICF)

▶▶▶ For those who want to know more about Points of You®  Here 


◉ The minimum number of participants is 4. note that.
◉ Please note that we may shoot videos on the day of the event.

Benefits of attending
1. As a formal certified person, it is possible to hold a hands-on experience session or incorporate it into a session such as your own coaching or counseling to provide services.
2. You can get various tools at a special price and sell them to make a profit.
3. Course announcements and profiles can be posted on the official website.
4. You can participate in certified event only.
5. You may be able to participate in the L1 workshop as a re-attendant (for a fee).

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