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​Abuse Hold (Release of Abuse)

Abuse Hold is a unique, extremely powerful, and delicate session that releases the energy of abuse that has been trapped in the body and energy of all life, including past lives.

Abuse means being oppressed.

Mental, physical, sexual, and financial abuse from others.

It is also an abuse to criticize or blame yourself, to despise or despise yourself compared to others, to blindly believe in others' thoughts, or to not listen to signs from your body or heart.


Abuse of oneself, in particular, often unknowingly becomes a habit, and as a result, it slowly hurt oneself, concealing and confining its inherent abilities and potentials and hindering awareness.

The session will proceed with the practitioner hugging (holding) all of you.

You just receive it and just let it go.

When you think you're ready, it's time to receive this session.

[Important] Please carefully read through the following to maximize the effect of the session.

Be sure to listen to "The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse " at least 30 times by the day you take the session. If you do not listen to this sound source, you will not be able to receive energy and it will be wasted.
Be sure to keep this promise to yourself so that the energy of abuse can be released smoothly.

(The sound source is $35 and can be purchased at the access online shop. Click the link button below.)

* The sound source is in English only, but since the purpose is to receive energy, there is no problem even if you do not understand the content. During sleep, bathing moderate, as the BGM of when you are doing something you have any effect even if I have flown a minimum volume.

Although there are individual differences, just listening to the sound source may release the trauma and make you uncomfortable.

Everything is inevitable to prepare for the session, so keep playing the sound source.

Session flow

  • There is no special consultation before the session.
    Please let us know if you have anything you would like to share.

  • You will be asked to lie down in your clothes.
    The practitioner holds you all in a hug from behind.
    Feel free to receive and release energy, such as closing your eyes, sleeping, and expressing your emotions.

  • After the session, the practitioner may decide to clear (purify the subconscious mind by words) and ask questions. Also, please tell us what happened during the session and if you would like to share it.

​Individual session fee

Sessions are face-to-face only.

  • Regular fee: Face-to-face 60 minutes 22,000 yen (tax included)

  • For those who want to shift energy thoroughly, we recommend multiple packages.
    -60 minutes x 5 times Package: 99,000 yen (tax included) 11,000 yen discount!
    -60 minutes x 10 times Package: 187,000 yen (tax included) Save 33,000 yen!

Customer impressions

● I didn't feel anything during or immediately after the session, but at a later date, I felt tears overflowing and something melting and flowing. Various experiences that I have accumulated over the years. I have been physically and sexually abused from an early age and even as an adult my body is hurt. I was holding various things. I used to be patient in my daily life, but when a man made a loud voice, I was afraid and had a habit of thinking things in the wrong direction. After taking multiple sessions, I feel that the barriers around me have disappeared and the world around me has become closer or brighter than before. It's not as badly depressing as it used to be, it's mentally stable, it's very calm and full.

● Until now, I had no awareness of self-abuse. When I finished, I felt that my strength was weakened and the space inside my body expanded. I realized how I had judged myself and reduced myself. I would like to continue for a while and release more.

● I thought I didn't need it, but at one point I realized that I was more subservient about money than others. I realized that it was because my parents told me that I didn't have money at home from an early age, which restricted me to something. By the time I received the session, I used to be subservient when I was with financially rich people. "I am now trying to choose to be subservient, but this I don't have to choose. ”, And now I can make different choices. I feel very light.

● Once you receive it once and something is released, you will find that you have been trying not to look at it so that you do not notice it in the back. It feels like it's peeling off. Every time I get lighter, I change myself, or rather, I feel like I'm returning to my true self, which is a lot of fun.


● When I finished taking this session 10 times, I felt like I went to a completely different dimension than before I started. It feels like the stage has changed. With the Abuse Hold, the flow has changed dramatically and my own business is expanding dynamically.

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