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Being Who You Are


How many times have you tried to change into the "best version of yourself, thinking that this solution can be found just around the corner in the next diet, guru, or self-help modality you try?  Believing that the perfect job life or relationship will be possible for you, just as soon as you've achieved this latest goal?  It's time to give up the chase and start being YOU.

What if being you is about embracing being different?  And what if being you could change everything?

If you stop seeking for answers outside of you and start being YOU, you will open the door for different possibilities.  

Are you ready to embrace "ease" "joy" and "glory" you have never experienced in your life?

〜Coming Up Soon〜

☆Foundation Cla​ss  w/Emma & Enric Vendrel, February 10-13, 2023 in Tokyo

What if you don't have to have problems anymore?  What if everything you have believed in your life was something you thought you had to believe to survive in this reality?  What if that was a lie and you can have a totally different life and living that you have never imagined possible?

☆3-Day Body Class w/Emma & Enric Vandrel, February 3-5, 2023 in Tokyo

What does a body mean to you? If you want to achieve anything in life you need your body. Yet many people try to control their bodies instead of listening to them. How would it change your life if you could create a new relationship with your body instead of controlling it? Is it time to reclaim your body's natural power and potency?

☆Let's start talking with the animals, Jan 29-Feb 2, 2023 (Online class)

Animals have so much information to offer us. They can gift us all of that if we're willing to receive it. If we receive their gift we will also be able to receive everything that the universe has in its pocket for us.


☆Added information about Abuse Hold sessions!

We have set up an information page for Abuse Hold sessions according to the inquiries we have received.

☆SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) private sessions available

Is it time to release the energies that are holding you back and allow you to move forward with ease?

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