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​Private Sessions

Did you know that your life could be easier?

​Would you like to have a life without any problems?

Even you have thoughts that distract you.

And you feel like you're stuck and can't move forward.

Or even you're lost and don't know which way to go.

You are not alone in this.

Would you like to stop your detour and start to change your life?

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​On-line trial sessions
We are accepting applications for communication ability diagnosis! 

We're using the ACS Diagnostic Test to measure your communication skills and finding the best ways to get to know yourself better. 

About ACS:

Get to know yourself and clarify your future direction!

60 minutes: ACS diagnosis + analysis consultation 50,000円 (excluding tax)

120 minutes: ACS diagnosis + analysis consultation + coaching experience 80,000円 (excluding tax)​

Regular coaching (free course)
​​Stable support with courses starting from twice a month. We will guide you on your self-transforming journey without difficulty.
​In addition, it is possible to combined with a wide variety of programs. Please feel free to contact us.
Contract period: 6 months ~

​Either ZOOM or face-to-face is possible.

​ * First introduction session (180 minutes) 100,000 yen (excluding tax) Regular session (60 minutes) 50,000 yen (excluding)

Married couple counseling


By knowing and deepening your understanding of each other's personalities and communication styles, you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and build constructive relationships. Recommended for couples who want to deepen their mutual understanding. For those who are far away, you can also receive it by Skype or ZOOM.

​ 90 minutes: 70,000 yen (excluding tax)

Recommendation from Clients​ /  Recommendation message from client


Norio Suzuki

Worked at a foreign financial institution

Ms. Mimasuya can talk freely, and he accepts herself as it is without being evaluated or judged. Usually, what I speak is always the subject of evaluation judgment, so I am very grateful to have such time. Through coaching, I was able to make time to face myself as to what I would like to do in my life in the future. There are many deep awareness that I do not notice by myself, and I also noticed the restrictions that I unconsciously put on my self-confidence, and by removing them, I became able to think about various possibilities. I was able to sort out the thoughts that were cluttered in my head, and when I was done, I was always refreshed as if I had finished deep meditation. Meditation is popular among business owners, but her service is the ultimate in mindfulness. Recommended for those who cannot meditate. You can enjoy a relaxing feeling like no other and a rest like after sleeping.

Mayumi Sato


I was interested in coaching because I had various issues regarding human relationships in the newly created organization after starting a business. By diagnosing the characteristics of my communication, I was able to clearly understand my problems. Then, while receiving coaching, I was taught how I have a biased way of thinking and how to remove it, and the stress of human relationships with those around me was drastically reduced. Also, even though I wanted to be positive about my self-confidence, I was sometimes skeptical and depressed, but now I am always in a stable state. I am surprised by the fact that I am able to interact with employees naturally and easily. I have a brain cleaning and coaching session from her, and I feel that the coaching effect is increasing because I am receiving coaching with my head refreshed by doing brain cleaning. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of changes will happen to me in the future!

Rie Watanabe

Representative of RAD LIFE DESIGN GK Lives in LA, USA


Aima is a wonderful and respectable friend I met through volunteer activities. At that time, I heard that she was working for a major foreign-affiliated company and believed that she would succeed no matter what she did, so it was a great pleasure for me, who has already been a long-time sole proprietor. rice field. And I asked her to take her personal coach without hesitation.


Originally I was interested in success philosophy and anthropology, and since I continued to study, I was very interested in what I could learn with Plus α. Her coaching can make you feel very neutral. Also, each time, he understands the needs I want and advances, so even though I am busy, I try to secure only this time. This makes the coaching session a very valuable and fulfilling time for me.


The most interesting session that stimulated my thought circuit so far was that I was able to discover a very important story in a story that was created in a state close to meditation. Please discover this "something" in Aima's coaching. I sincerely recommend it to everyone with high aspirations!

Naoko Miyajima
​​ "Tree of Living" Representative Life Organizer
★ What kind of coach is Aima?
A coach full of love ☆ In a great sense of security, I was able to clearly imagine the thoughts and aspirations that do not form in me.
★ What is the appeal of Aima as a coach?
The living attitude of Aima, the coach, is a big stimulus. I was always pushed by the appearance of Aima, who acts powerfully and lithely with enthusiasm and affection.
★ Please tell us the episode of coaching that left an impression on you.
To image work and objects that use the body. I was able to see myself from various angles, and I felt that my habit of thinking was loosened.
★ Impressions of receiving coaching
I have become able to listen to my honest voice and steer toward the richness I feel.



Owner of American-style cake studio "Sisters Marks"

★ What kind of coach is Aima?

Aima-san welcomes me as a coach in a constant state. With a warm and deep voice, a friendly look and a smile, just touching Aima's personality will make you feel at ease and quiet as if you were in a rich forest.

★ What is the appeal of Aima as a coach?

It gently snuggles up to my heart and brings me out as it is very naturally. I can't express it well in words, but I'm really like a companion. It is strange that it is neither magic nor a special technique. How nice! Very good! They will walk together while cheering.

★ Please tell us the episode of coaching that left an impression on you.

In one session, I chose a session that I didn't want to face. I was afraid that the world of roads that I couldn't go on my own was expanding. The solution to the problem was ideal, but I thought I could never do it. But as I continued the session, I was able to accomplish that, guided by Aima-san's voice. My body trembled with tears and overflowing feelings. But it made me feel very calm and it was a great time. Aima-san was happy with me, and I was happy too. Recently, she also gave me a health management session (physical coaching) and gave me clear guidance on diet and exercise support, and I was very surprised by Mr. Aima who turned into a great trainer.

★ Impressions of receiving coaching

It has the strength to always have the strongest cheering party. I'm really looking forward to what kind of time we can spend together again.

Tomoko Yoshida

Freelance resident in NY, USA


★ What kind of coach is Aima?

A person who asks the heart, not the head. I was able to face the happiness and anxiety that lies deep within my heart, which I cannot organize on my own. And it makes me feel very positive. Looking back on the past, even if it is a difficult task, I can believe that it is a positive task for me with Aima-san, and I feel less anxious in the process. It was also great that I was able to notice and believe in good things that I didn't notice.

★ What is the appeal of Aima as a coach?

As a professional, you should be familiar with the importance of being a professional. At the same time as being a reliable senior as a person, he treats professionals as a coach. It is a great attraction that you can understand the feelings of the people who work from the experience of doing responsible work for a long time at the company.

★ Please tell us the episode of coaching that left an impression on you.

I was allowed to think about the meaning of the words I often use. By digging into what that word means to me and verbalizing it, I gradually began to see what triggered my own emotional movement. It was an important task for me, and I was happy to pick it up.

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