​Visioning Workshop for the Future (Online)

What is a visioning workshop that connects with the future? ☆

A visioning workshop that connects you to your future is a workshop where you can connect with yourself, connect with future awareness, and create a vision map and make a presentation through group facilitation. It will help you to create the future you want more quickly.


What is visioning in the first place? It states, "The individual, company, or organization has its own vision of'what kind of future will be created', and the accumulation of activities to realize that world is defined as'visioning'. The organization has a vision. Sometimes, there are always some social issues in the background. By making a plan that captures them, it is possible to advance the business and society while having all parties concerned such as employees, users, and the media on their side. Yes. We also hold a corporate visioning workshop, but this time it's a personalized guide. The visioning skills a leader needs. Even if you're not the leader of an organization, you're in your life If you want to lead, visioning power is indispensable.

  • Recommended for people like this !

・ I want to have wonderful days!

・ I want to contribute more to the world!

・ I want to live with bright hope in the future!

・ I want to have awareness for the future!

・ I want to tackle social issues!

・ I want to live an exciting life!

・ I want to be positive about my future!

  • Taking this course has the following effects!

・ You will be able to live happily every day!

・ You will know how to create the future you want!

・ Realize what you want faster!

・ You can clarify what kind of contribution you want to make!

・ You can make friends who support you!

・ You will be able to broaden your perspective and tackle issues!

・ Dreams can be transformed into achievable ones, not dreams!


★ Q & A

Q: I don't have a vision! Does it make sense for me to participate?

A: Who are the people around you who are fulfilling your vision? A familiar person? entertainer? What kind of person comes to mind? If you want to get closer to the attractive people around you, you may want to take part. It may be a good time to "expand your horizons about your future."

Q: I don't have time. Should I cancel my participation?

A: It's a great opportunity to take your time to connect with your future because you are busy with time every day. During the workshop, there will be time for group coaching to face yourself and clarify the vision in your heart, so please come as you are.

Q: I'm worried whether I can achieve it even if I draw a vision. What should I do now?

A: Once you have a vision, there are coaches who can help you make it happen. Feel free to consult with the organizer, the professional coach, after the workshop.

★ About cancellation

In terms of operation, if the number of participants does not reach the number of participants, the organizer may cancel the event. Therefore, if you cancel after applying, please contact the organizer as soon as the cancellation is found.

2021 schedule:

[Date and time]

Requests will be held after June. Please let us know some of your desired dates. * You can choose an all-day class or a two-day class.

[Location] Zoom (PC or tablet, camera, microphone required)

* Uses the online conference system Zoom. Please check the stable network connection environment such as microphone and camera.

[What to bring]

・ Large thick paper of about A0 size * Large paper with a width of 1 m or more and a height of 80 cm or more is recommended.

・ Stationery (writing utensils, color pens, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc.)

・ Materials for creating a vision map (see below)

Photos that make you happy or excited when you see what you like, what you want, what you want to see, what you want to be, photos of people close to you you like, magazines you usually see, etc.

Please prepare as much as possible.

[Attendance conditions] None (Anyone can participate)

[Tuition fee]

First time: 15,000 yen (excluding tax)

Re-attendance: 7,00 yen (excluding tax)

Minimum number of people: 4 people

Application & Inquiries: tsunagulator@gmail.com