Symphony session information


A symphony session is the Symphony of Possibilities  It is abbreviated as SOP in the sense of (symphony of possibility).


The Symphony Session was started 20 years ago by Dr. Dane Here, co-founder of Access Consciousness. You can open the door to possibilities far beyond your imagination and bring about change where you never thought it was possible.

This is an invitation for you to choose a completely different way of life. It's received differently, but it's now possible to connect to the "truth" for you and your body, going beyond what you used to think "this is reality" and thinking it's unreality for you. You can get the power to create the "real reality".

It is effective in any situation / environment such as work, relationships, business, future.

Please tell us where you want to open the door to possibilities ☺️

🍀 How to proceed with an online session 🍀

First of all, I would like to briefly talk about what you want to change. After that, you will lie down in a relaxing environment and start a symphony session remotely.


Individual session: 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

Group session: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

Symphony sessions (SOPs) that open the door to this possibility are held almost every day 💕 More than 300 times in Japan and overseas, not only for individuals but also for groups, and a total of more than 1000 people from all over the world It is provided to.

An individual session when you want to make a solid transformation. Life will change.

Group sessions are recommended for a trial experience 😊

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