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TSUNAGULATOR is a word coined by Emma Mimasuya.  It is a combination of the words "tsunagu" and "translator".  “Tsunagu” means connect in Japanese.

TSUNAGULATOR is a leader who can impact others by connecting with their own being, some call “authentic self,” nature, animals, the Earth and the Universe, and everything around us. TSUNAGULATOR is a catalyst of change.

The membership offers unique opportunities to evolve yourself as a TSUNAGULATOR. 

The Members are gifted with:

・Free monthly group session  (Value over USD150.00)

・An invitation to our Facebook group where you can share your questions and insights

・Priority Invitation to events and workshops facilitated by Emma Mimasuya

・Invitation to mingling events to engage with other members to empower yourself  

Sign-up Gift: Recording of the Group Session “POVADs.” POVADs means points of view you are avoiding and defending that keeping them in existence.  In addition, you can purchase one recording of the class or clearing loop at half the price.   

*Currently the sign-up gifts are only in Japanese.  Our first language is Energy so you can receive and perceive it!

What is the Clearing Loop?

In any area of our lives where we don’t have total choice and total ease, clearing loops start changing that.  You may have it on while you sleep, while you jog, while you work, but after listening to the clearing loops you get this new space in your reality that grows and grows and grows…

How do I register?

Step 1: Please fill in the form below.  The email is used for you to receive zoom links for your group sessions so make sure you inform the email address you check regularly.

Step 2: Set up a monthly installment via Paypal

Monthly fee is JPY3,300 (Approx. 23USD) a month.  Please click below to start your membership.   


Let’s make more changes in your world!  Are you willing to choose more?

This is the beginning of your conscious life, a conscious journey!



Let's Work Together for Change!
Do you choose change too?

​Let's start a conscious journey together!

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​Thank you!
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