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TSUNAGULATOR is a word that is a combination of "tsunagu" and "translator".

Connect with your essence (BEING YOU), connect with nature, animals, the earth, the universe, everything, shine and influence your surroundings

Leader to give, catalyst of change.

It is the membership of Tsunagyureta that promotes the shining of the catalyst of change that you are.

When you become a member, you will be blessed with such an opportunity.


① Free invitation to online group sessions held 1-2 times a month! (Equivalent to 6000 yen to 20,000 yen)

② Invite to a group of questions to promote your choice. (FB is the platform)

As a special enrollment privilege only for now, a clearing loop gift that encourages your "change"!

* What is the Clearin Group: The energy that limits you within you is returned to its creation and dissipated. It also erases the energy that destroys your original energy. The Clearin Group will change the restless parts of your life that you cannot make a complete choice. Whether you're sleeping, jogging, or working, listening to the Clearin Group creates new spaces in your reality and keeps expanding. And it will continue to expand.

Membership registration flow

1) Fill in the application form below

* You will receive a zoom link for future group sessions as your email address. Please enter it correctly.

2) Paypal procedure

Monthly membership fee: 3,300 yen (tax included) * Monthly withdrawal from Paypal.


Let's Work Together for Change!
Do you choose change too?

​Let's start a conscious journey together!

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​Thank you!