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Emma Mimasuya



Born in Tokyo on November 8th


Tsunagulator Advocate

Life Producer

Wake Up Executive Coach Co., Ltd.

Her seminars and workshops are held globally based on "7 secrets to actualize the life you truly desire". She is engaging with more than 700 people every month to inspire changes in people's lives.

"When I was working for Barclays with the CEO,  I was exhausted with my life  and concerned about my future.  After I started to take private coaching sessions, my life started to shift for the better..."  she says.

After acquiring coaching skills at CTI, the largest coach training institution, she left the firm and became an independent professional coach. She discovered that more effective coaching could be achieved by understanding the structures of communication and analysing the CQ.  She became a certified organizational analyst and CQ advisor, and consulted 254 people in her first year. She is known for having conducted the largest number of communication analysis in the coaching industry.


In the meantime, "I noticed that many people returned to their original habits, so I paid attention to the "subconscious awareness"  she says.  Introduced to a stress relief method that experienced her trauma dissipating in less than 60 minutes, she decide to learn the method called "Access Bars."   "This method and tools accelerated clients change and she also developed a program that would allow participants to shift to a level where they could coach themselves. Furthermore, they continue to change  their lives as they desire permanently without going back," she says.

She offered private sessions (both online and face to face) and workshops and classes that attract clients globally from more than 28 countries such as Japan, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the U.S. Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

"People who have detoured their lives despite their efforts started to change their lives by simply becoming happy with themselves and their lives." she says.

Clients have expressed joy, such as "What I was worried about now seemed to be a lifetime ago" and "Both my private life and work life have become more fulfilling." She has many success stories that changed lives of people.  However, Emma says, "it's not me who changed them.  They changed themselves.  They just chose it.  I just empowered them a little."


A word created by Emma that is a combination of connecting + translator. Tsunagulator is a leader who empowers others and  a catalyst for change that affects people around him/her by being happy and in peace. She is engaged in increasing more Tsunagulators to increase more consciousness on this planet.

Private Life

She lives with her partner Takashi.   They love to dance, travel, eat and enjoy themselves with people around the world. They live with two cats, Joy & Peace. The talented cats help Emma with her classes and private sessions and are also known for professional on-screen cats.  She also loves cooking and comes up with recipes that melt hearts and bodies.


・ CPCC (US CTI Certified Co-Active Coach)

・ Completed CTI Co-Active Leadership Program

・ Wake Up Co., Ltd. Certified Executive Coach

・ CQ Association Certified Communication Trainer / Organizational Analyst

HOGAN ASSESSMENT Certified Practitioner

​・ The Leadership Circle Profile Certified Administrat

・ POINTS OF YOU® Certified Trainer

・ Access Consciousness Maestro

・ Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Class Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness Talk to the Animals Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness Right Riches for You Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness Symphony Advanced Practitioner

・ Access Consciousness Facelift Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

・ Access Consciousness Official Translator

・ Certified Animal Communicator

・ Certified Fasting Beauty Instructor 

・ A Member of European Flower Design Federation (EFD)

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