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   Talk to the Animals - "Start the Conversation" 


Are you an animal lover looking for a more enjoyable connection with your pets or an animal professional seeking practical tools to communicate with animals?

Then, this class is for you!

Utilizing the leading-edge processes of Access Consciousness™, you will be empowered to acknowledge and hone your talents with animals and change the dynamics of your animal interactions.

During class, you also get to practice your skills with live animals!

This animal class will cover:
•How to communicate with animals effectively
•The myths of animal communication
•A whole new awareness of animals as conscious beings
•How to be congruent when you speak to animals
•Energetic body processes for animals that really work
•How to create animal/people relationships free of barriers and limitations.
What if the easy, effortless relationship you desire to have with animals is truly possible?



Talk to the Animals Intro Class

・Sunday, May 14th, 2023  10:00-12:00 Paris Time, 17:00-19:00 Tokyo Time  

・How to participate:On-line (zoom)


・Class Fee:100Euros 

・Payment method:Credit Card (PayPal)

*Handling fee 10USD will be added to the class fee for the Paypal Payment.


For more details click here.

Talk to the Animals Start the Conversation Class

・Date: Saturday May 20th - Monday, May 22nd, 2023

・Day 1 19:30-21:30,   Day 2 & 3 9:30-17:30

・Venue: Geneva, Switzerland

・Class Fee: 1275 Euros

・Payment method: Bank Transfer or PayPal

For more details click here.


Feedback from participants

Thank you for the very intense and amazing 5 days❣️

When the TtTA book club became a hot topic, I was waiting for a Japanese translation to come out, but luckily for me, I was able to take this class before the Japanese translation came out.  How did I get so lucky?

Initially, I thought "Maybe I don't have to take the class because I'm a certified animal communicator...

Emma became Japan's first TtTA facilitator and she was also already an animal communicator before she took many TtTA classes.  So I thought maybe I could gain different perspectives from the animal communication classes I had learned so far. 


After 2hours of the intro class, I was already fascinated and received sooo much awareness!!

I knew that  I would be listening to the audio of the class endlessly when I go to sleep...​  If I took this class earlier, I could have communicated more with animals!  There were so many restrictions I was not aware of and Emma's clearings destroyed and uncreated all of them which was amazing 😍💕💕

I hope people who would like to have more intimacy with animals take this class.  And also for people who don't like animals or insects would find the class very useful 😁✌​  There is absolutely no loss in receiving it 💡🐷🐮🐴🐑🐤🐭

The first live online session with my dog Kuu 🐶 was also full of gratitude sooo much awareness.  I cannot describe it in words!

From now on, I will have a lot more communication with plants in the garden, vegetables in the fields, insects, and wild creatures that I had never thought I could communicate with.

Thank you Emma! Adore you!

Yumi & Kuu

​Yumiko Shimizu (Hokkaido, Japan)

Feedback from participants

I don't have pets, and even if I say I like animals, I was wondering how important this class is for me.  Recently I've been walking in nature more often and I was interested in animals, insects, trees, etc., so I took a leap.

The 5days TtTA class was rich and I received so much awareness from this class beyond my furthest imagination!


I realized that I was already communicating with various creatures.  I became more confident with my communication with bias and plants around me!  It wasn't my delusion and the awareness of other participants was great empowerment for me. I was able to connect deeply with myself and gained trust in myself.


Emma's repeated remarks that there is no right or wrong in any awareness have given me confidence.

And although I was a little reluctant to receive gifts from creatures I don't like, there were many new discoveries and I was able to notice beautiful things underneath them.

I didn't realize that I had created many walls and barriers between myself and the animals around me until I took this class. Lowering these walls and barriers made me see that I'm truly part of everything on the earth and by practicing what I learned, I will perceive and receive more from the earth and animals going forward.

Before the class, I had this point of view that the Talk to the Animals Class was just for animal lovers, but actually, this class was about asking questions, perceiving, and receiving from everything which is the essence of Access Consciousness.

The bird I started to communicate with during the class now visits me every day and I'm enjoying communicating on a daily basis.  I also realized that the bird that visited me and looked into my house was the reincarnation of KOUME, a shrike I had as a pet.  Because of what happened with KOUME,  I thought I would never have a pet again, but now I'm relieved from all thoughts and feelings and things have shifted.  I'm currently asking questions, about who would bring more joy into my life and who would like to have more fun with me.

Even if you don't have a pet, there are many ways to have fun with animals!  Emma told me how much she enjoys playing with horses since she did TtTA classes and that story was really inspiring!

It is such an honor for me to be able to participate in the first Japanese TtTA class ✨ I hope many people take this life-changing class that would bring more happiness to animals, people, and the earth❣️

Emma, Thank you very much for becoming the first TtTA Japanese facilitator💖 Thank you thank you thank you 😊 😊 😊 

​Masako Kubota (Ibaraki, Japan)

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