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Energetic Facelift 1 Day Class

◎ About Energetic Face Lift

  • Not only the face but also the mind, feelings and mind are refreshed.

  • You can run the facelift energy on yourself.

  • What if your hair quality improves?

  • What if you could lift up other parts of your body by applying energetic face lift?

The Access Energetic Face Lift approaches the face, décolletage, neck and shoulders in a session of approximately 60 minutes.

The approach is a light touch and 30 types of energies work not only on the face but also on the body.


◎ Access Energetic Face Lift Practitioner

You will become a certified practitioner after completing the class.

For more information, please go to the Energetic Face Lift.


◎ Prior to participating in the class, please create an account at Access Conciousness®︎, an organization headquartered in the United States, manages and operates Access Energetic Face Lift qualifications.​  Once you created the account, please let us know the email address you used for the registration.

If you are attending for the second time or more,  please let us know your name and email address when you created your account.

You can make a request for the next class from HERE. 

Class Date: Friday, February 9th

​Time: 9:30-17:00

◎ Access Energetic Face Lift is recommended for people who​

  • Want to rejuvenate your skin and be energized

  • Want to experience deep relaxation.

  • Worry about the aging signs that appear on the face such as swelling and wrinkles

  • Want to ged rid of the belief of getting old

◎ Please bring

  • A pillow, a big towel to cover the massage table, blanket as necessary - please ask  your body what it requires

  • Writing utensils

  • Indoor shoes

◎ Class fee: 47,000 yen (tax included), repeated fee: 23,500 yen

  • Includes textbook, procedure sheets and Energetic Facelift Certificates by Access Consciousness® 

  • Half price for 17-16 years old, free for children under 15 years old.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes for your body.

  • Please create an Access Consciousness account before the class.

  • The minimum number of participants is 2.

  • If you are late or leave early, you will not be eligible for certification.

◎ Cancellation policy

  • The venue and materials will be arranged once the application is confirmed.

  • In case of cancellation, we will refund the amount after deducting the costs incurred.

  • 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation on the day before or on the day.




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