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​3Day Body

What if your body was your compass to the magic, mysteries, and secrets of life?

Those who attended the 3-Day Body Class reported dynamic shifts and changes in their body size and shape, as well as relief from chronic and acute pain, plus greater ease with money and relationships. Including myself.

Access Body classes are designed to initiate a dialogue and create communion with your body, rather than fighting against or abusing your body.

As you begin to change the way you relate to your body, you begin to change the way you relate to everything in your life.

Do you have untapped abilities and talents for working with your body? What do you know? Or are you a bodyworker, massage therapist, chiropractor, doctor, or nurse looking for ways to increase the healing power you can provide for your clients?

Come play with us and explore many new ways to communicate and engage with your body, including your own.

You must have consciousness of your body. Otherwise, the body will never completely change. Without consciousness, you physically accept the limitations that others call reality.


Gary Douglas

Class Schedule

・2024/3/29-3/31 @Aoyamagaien, Tokyo 

・2024/5/10-5/12 @France 

Course conditions
・Take The Foundation class within 12 months.


・Complete the above course requirements from any facilitator regardless of the time.

- Attended a 3-day or longer advanced class (live or online) with Gary or Dane within the last 12 months.


- Have taken a Possibility Choices class from either Gary, Dane, Simone, or Brendon within the last 12 months.

Telecall is not included in this course requirement.

Tuition fee

・170,000 JPY (no retake price)

・1800.00 Euros  (no retake price)

Application form

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