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3Day Body Class

Image by Daria Gordova

What is one thing that we all have in common? We have a body. In the search and journey of consciousness and desiring more, our bodies are often overlooked or vilified. What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different?

3 Day Body Class

・Date: February 3rd - 5th, 2023

・Time: Day 1 12:30-18:30, Day 2&3 9:30-17:30

・Venue: Sendagaya, Tokyo

・Class Fee:  JPY 170,000 

​・Pre-req: The Foundation Class within 12 months.

​*The class will be in English and translation will be available in Japanese.  

Image by Catia Dombaxe

​Is now the time for you to have a true humanoid body that you have never imagined possible?

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