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Create a healthy heart and body! Cooking Salon "Milli Miri"

Miri Miri is busy and her mind and body are tattered ... I want to be more energetic! I want to know about a healthy diet! I want to do that without spending time! That

It started in response to the voice of working women. It was held every month for a year and a half, and about 150 people participated!

Many people have learned and graduated, so now facilitator Emma is taking a break from "Miri Miri" to meet the need to enjoy cooking as she is interested, without being bound by time. increase. However, I love eating! So I want to eat delicious food together and laugh a lot! With my friends, "Happily!" Delicious! Connect! 』\ We have a place. This is the salon of Tsunagyureta

As the name suggests, it is a fun, delicious, and connected place to connect with casual friends at restaurants and other places.


It will be held irregularly and will be invited, so if you are interested, please read "Fun! Delicious! Connect! Please contact with a statement that you would like to participate.

I hope your  everyday is filled with peace, joy, and glory!


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