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Fall 2020!

Experience delicious vegetables, nature and culture

A journey back to myself

The second Kurahashijima retreat will be held! !!

The retreat held in 2018 was very popular.

Thank you very much for your involvement with many people!

"I had a rich time that I couldn't think of as 2 nights and 3 days!"

"I felt like I was away from Tokyo for about a week!"

"I just enjoyed it without thinking about anything extra!"

"I can't forget the sense of unity with the sea!"

I received a lot of happy voices.

This retreat will be held with upgraded contents during the consecutive holidays in the fall of 2020!

It is a content that both first-timers and second-timers can enjoy.

Please join us.
























A retreat planned in collaboration with Tsunagulator!


Stay at an inn with a view of the sea in front of you

Make and taste delicious food together

Enjoy the superb view

A journey to meet your true self and your new self

When I went to Kurahashijima, I was surprised that there was such a wonderful place! And from the idea that "everyone wants to leave their daily lives here, enjoy nature, and have a retreat that returns to their original self!", With the cooperation of the people involved in Kurahashijima, this event was realized in 2018. ..

Kurahashi Vegetables, who has been studying the soil carefully, and Sumito Kiyooka's vegetables. Visit the vegetable fields, and if you're lucky, experience farming! ??

Then, using the ingredients of Kurahashijima, we will prepare meals together with Wai Wai.

Tsunagulator collaborates with locals to guide you on a fun and unforgettable trip ♪

We will take you to the spectacular spots on Kurahashi Island!

Stay tuned for SAP, beach picnics and stylish local cafe bars!

Number of participants: Up to 6 people

Application / Inquiry:

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