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Are you ready to hear your animals?

Have you ever wondered what your animals would like to say to you?  Would you like to hear them?

Please contact us if you have any of these issues.

・My animal has a habit which is annoying 

・My animal is not well

・I would like to know what my animal is thinking

・My animal died and would like to know what my animal was thinking

・My animals don't get along and I'm troubled

・I would like to have an animal in my life and don't know what to do next

How to receive a session

1) Register from here  Choose "Talk to the Animals Private Session" and fill out the application form.  Please write what you would like to share with the facilitator.  The facilitator may not be available immediately and you might have to wait a month or s.  Please have allowance.  

2) The session will be held via ZOOM,  The main facilitator Emma will join you and she might invite several TtTA practitioners depends on the session. 

3) Please send your feedback after the session.  If you like to continue to receive her session please make a request by email. 

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