​Access Consciousness Tasting Picnic (Experience)

It is a tasting party (experience meeting) of Gifresi & Access in the spacious Showa Kinen Park where the flowers are beautiful and healed.

Not only the Gifresi party, but also a hands-on event, so if you are interested but have never received it, please take this opportunity ~ 🤗🤗🤗

⇩ Especially recommended for people like this ⇩

✔︎ Those who are interested in Access Birds

✔︎ Those who want to experience Access Birds

✔︎ Those who have not received Access Birds yet

✔︎ Those who have learned Birds but have not been able to use them well

✔︎ Those who want to receive foundation from now on

✔︎ What can you do with access? Those who think

If you want to open new possibilities and doors, please come and join us ❤️


[Day and time]

Saturday, May 8, 2021 10: 00-13: 00

[Place] Showa Kinen Park

[What to bring] Picnic seats, yoga mats, blankets, lunch boxes, drinks, etc.

[Minimum number of participants] 4 people


Facilitator introduction

Masahide Mimasuya (Mimasu Yamaki)

▪️ Life Producer

▪️ Executive Coach

▪️ Access Consciousness Maestro

▪️ Access Certified Facilitator (CF)

▪️ Access Body Process Facilitator

▪️ Birds Facilitator

▪️ Access Energetic Face Lift Facilitator

▪️ Access Consciousness Official Interpreter