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"Erase of all fat cells dedicated to Mobius strip"


This body process is a hands-on healing that puts your hands on your body to run energy.

The official title is

"Erase of all fat cells dedicated to all Mobius strips that trap the senses as an eternal source of nullifying beings"

It will be.



・ I'm not sure, but I'm attracted

・? ?? ?? Those who thought

・ Those who came to the point when they heard that they were eradicating fat cells

・ Those who feel light


Please come and join us.

In the course, we will practice and receive sessions with each other.


After the end, you can go by yourself, go to the Gifresi party, or if you have a salon, you can incorporate it as a menu.

Please take this opportunity to experience it.

Would you like to be able to do various hands-on healing? Not only self-care, but also family and friends will be pleased and can be used for work ♪

If the schedule does not match, or if you would like another schedule, we will accept requests from one person.


We recommend using an email address other than a mobile carrier (Yahoo mail, gmail, etc.) to apply.



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