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Being Who You Are


How many times have you tried to change into the "best version of yourself, thinking that this solution can be found just around the corner in the next diet, guru, or self-help modality you try?  Believing that the perfect job life or relationship will be possible for you, just as soon as you've achieved this latest goal?  It's time to give up the chase and start being YOU.

What if being you is about embracing being different?  And what if being you could change everything?

If you stop seeking for answers outside of you and start being YOU, you will open the door for different possibilities.  

Are you ready to embrace "ease" "joy" and "glory" you have never experienced in your life?

〜Coming Up Soon〜


Connect with your essence, nature, the animals, the Earth, the universe, and by becoming a whole, you will affect your surroundings as well. Would you be willing to become a catalyst for a change like that? If yes, this community is a place to empower you with that possibility, and to make your own choices.

☆Talk to The Animals "Start the Conversation" [Online Intro] April 18th (Tue) 21:00-23:00, Class April 25th (Tue) - 28th (Fri)

Animals have so much information to offer us. They can gift us all of that if we're willing to receive it. If we receive their gift we will also be able to receive everything that the universe has in its pocket for us. How does it get any better than this?

☆Foundation Cla​ss w/Masahide Mishoya  & Noriko Hara, April 7th (Fri) - 10th (Mon), [Tokyo], June 2nd (Fri) - 5th (Mon), [Tokyo]

What if everything you thought was normal, actually isn't. Imagine you could change the default mindset and space you're operating from. Would that make it easier for you to create the world you want? If these questions resonate with you, how about accepting this invitation to a class that offers you the experience of completely different possibilities?

☆Access Bars Class (Eliminate Brain Fatigue!) April 27th (Thu) 10:30 - 18:30, [Tokyo] Bilingual Class!

Have you ever felt tired after sleeping? If so, it may be due to brain fatigue. This can create further diseases and dementia on the long run. What if there's a way for you to change this, even if you don't have time to go out and relax in nature? If you're ready to get a handy tool that you can use every day to improve your daily life, you'll love this class!^^

☆[Talk to the Animals "Let' start talking"] Live Class

May 20th (Sat) - 22nd (Mon), [Geneva, Switzerland]

Animals have so much to gift you. If you're willing to receive it. When you choose to receive from them you will also be able to receive whatever nature, the Earth, the universe have to offer you. What possibilities can you open up in beautiful Geneva, Switzerland?

☆3-Day Body Class April 21st (Fri) -23rd (Sun) [Ebisu, Tokyo], May 18th (Thu) -20th (Sat) [Geneva, Switzerland], June 9th (Fri) - 11th (Sun) [Tokyo]

What does a body mean to you? If you want to achieve anything in life you need your body. Yet many people try to control their bodies instead of listening to them. How would it change your life if you could create a new relationship with your body instead of controlling it? Is it time to reclaim your body's natural power and potency?

☆How to Create Money - Advanced Online Class May 17th (Wed) Starts at 21:00

How would it change your life if you could create money with easy and joy? Then to create even more? What would it feel like? What would it look like? 

☆Abuse Hold Private Session

We have set up an information page for Abuse Hold sessions according to the inquiries we have received.

SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) Private Session

Is it time to release the energies that are holding you back and allow you to move forward with ease?

☆Business Mentor Program Started!

Due to high requests, we have resumed our mentoring program. With some changes made. In addition to people working for companies, now we also accepting entrepreneurs and anyone starting a new business.

☆Coaching Individual Session

Have you reached the point where you've transformed your life and became free? Yet, you're still making things difficult for yourself and preventing things to move forward? What you need is to clarify your own desires, put them in to words, then actions. Instead of letting someone else or something  else to keep you in their own box of limitations. What if you let those reference points go?

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